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The survivors are discussing plans to clear out the prison yard when Axel and Oscar approach, begging to join their group. Dale is in favor of allowing them, but many within the group disagree, expressing their concerns. 

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But look, we’re all going to be talking about what went down at the prison this week. And Andrew Lincoln went all out in that final scene, when he saw Maggie with the baby and discovered that Lori was gone. I’m guessing some may mock such a raw display of emotion, but I found it very effective – and Rick laying on the ground, weeping, amongst a horde of dead zombies, was a suitably powerful and evocative visual that sums up The Walking Dead very well: So much sadness and loss. And so many zombies…

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Back in Woodbury, Andrea reveals to Merle the location of Hershel's farm so he can search for Daryl. When she declines his offer to join, he remarks that they were both abandoned — and then rescued — by the same two groups of people. Andrea asks Merle if The Governor is a good man. "I wasn't in the best of shape when he found me," Merle replies. "He should've just kept on going. Yeah. He's a good man."

Back at the prison, Hershel is testing out a pair of crutches in the courtyard with the assistance of Lori, Carl and Beth. Rick, Daryl and Glenn, watching from the outer gate of the prison, are genuinely happy for the first time in a long while. Suddenly, a large group of walkers emerge from behind a wall and pour into the courtyard. Rick, Daryl and Glenn race towards the courtyard as the other survivors scatter and flee. Lori, Carl and Maggie run into a cell block while Hershel and Beth lock themselves in an entryway. Carol and T-Dog flee into another cell block - but T-Dog is bit in the shoulder while locking the courtyard gate.

Maggie slices Lori's belly open and scoops the baby out. The baby survives, but Lori lays motionless, blood pouring from her open wound. "We can't just leave her here," Carl says. "She'll turn."

Back in Woodbury, Andrea and The Governor share a parting drink in his apartment, where he reveals his "real" name — Brian — and that his wife died in a car accident before the apocalypse. Andrea reveals that she isn't sure what she wants anymore. Before she leaves, The Governor tells her that she is welcome to return to Woodbury anytime.

When Rick, Daryl and Oscar reach the generator room, they are attacked by Andrew, the prisoner who Rick locked in the courtyard and left for dead. Andrew and Rick fight while Daryl struggles to to hold the door shut against walkers. When Oscar picks up Rick's gun, Andrew tells Oscar to kill Rick so that they can take over the prison together. Oscar shoots Andrew instead and hands Rick's weapon back to him, while Daryl finishes off the remaining walkers. With Oscar's loyalty now established, Rick turns off the generator.

In the boiler room, Lori grows faint as the hemorrhaging continues. She realizes she will not survive natural childbirth. "I'm not losing my baby," she tells Maggie. "You've got to cut me open." Lori tearfully says goodbye to Carl, telling him that he is smart and strong, and that he has what it takes to survive the apocalyptic world. "Don't let the world spoil you," she says. "You're the best thing I ever did." Maggie reluctantly slices Lori's stomach open and scoops the baby out. The baby survives, but Lori lays motionless, blood pouring from her open wound. Maggie starts to leave with the baby when Carl stops her. "We can't just leave her here," Carl says. "She'll turn." Carl insists on perform the coup de grâce as the son . Maggie moves away and hears a gunshot. Carl walks briskly past her towards the exit.

Rick, Glenn, and Michonne are in The Governor's office. Gabe, The Governor's right hand man, is pointing a gun at Rick. It's revealed that they are going to feed Rick and his scouting party from the prison to the zombies. Michonne calls The Governor sick, and he tells her to be quiet. He tells them that they'll die if they try to get out. He wants to talk, before the fight begins, and if he gets interrupted, his bodyguards will shoot them.

In the prison yard, Sophia reports that someone had cut the gate open. When Axel and Oscar approach, Daryl accuses them. Just then, the prison's alarm sounds, attracting more walkers to the outer fence. Oscar explains the back-up generators must be powering it — proving that someone else is messing with things from inside the prison — and follows Daryl inside to disable them.

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