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Classic Toy Green Army Soldiers 36 Pieces

Дата публикации: 2018-05-22 03:59

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I think you should add something so that they dont move when you spawn them (so you can put them in formation) if you can

[t r a h a . d e ] - - the sound of freedom..

The healer class does more bad then good
It keeps on shooting arrows which kills the toy soldiors. Please change it. U know arrows of healing are useless so u better give them arrow of regeneration

Toy Soldier Addon | Minecraft PE Mods & Addons

ITS BEEN ALONG TIME IM BACK AGAIN WOW I haven 8767 t seen gona make/upload addons nice add-on it 8767 s like TABS/Totally Accurate Battle Simulattor please add Some giants You can give a soldier A Bottle o enchanting to make it a giant please and other stuff plzz

Plss add the texture pack that you can see what they are holding to know there class.
And put a behavior pack that when i drop an item like arrow they will get it. Add a king. And an item if you give wooden planks they will be a builder and create a village.

In the first level of every zone, Mr. Potato Head is missing a body part that the player has to retrieve in order to unlock a specific power-up. The power-ups are the Cosmic Shield (Level 6), Disc Launcher (Level 9), Rocket Boots (Level 7), Grappling Hook (Level 65), and Hover Boots (Level 68). Some Pizza Planet tokens can only be collected with the use of a power-up, while others are merely easier to collect when a power-up is unlocked. Returning to previous levels is required to obtain Pizza Planet tokens that couldn't be retrieved earlier without a certain power-up.

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Hey editor why you don 8767 t add custom its annoying when spawn the toy please fix when I hold sugar and I have like two set arrow,when I want to give the toy soldier sugar its say give arrow?Why its happen even I have hold the sugar but its say give fix it.

Class Request: TANK, CAR, TRUCK, CANNON, BOAT, SUBMARINE, GUARD, PLANE, GIANT, SPY, and a DEMOLITIONIST. Tank is self explanatory as well as all the ones except the guard, giant, spy, and the demolitionist. The Guard would be slightly bigger and stronger than the warrior The giant would be bigger and stronger Than the guard but very slow the spy would be similar to the assassin but can become invisible (invisibility potion, witch recommended) and possibly can be disguised as a enemy team color until attacked or it attak [instead of invisibility potion] and the demolistionist would throw explosives that barely harm the enviorenment, but do fair damage. (Very slow and low health). Please try to use these ideas, comment if you have any suggestens. Also, sorry if my spelling isn 8767 t A+!

Www thats a really cool addon concept what you could do is make them tameable and upgradable with clay too like you have clay and give it tô theme and they will start following you and if you give more they will get buffed

Can you make a giant class so that when you give thdm ghast tear they grow larger and have more attack but make them quite slow: also can i put this on my yt channel

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